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March 9th
Protection. Ah, what a false sense of security anything that promises protection provides. Alas, it is a necessary aspect of all things business. Books, clothing line, alcohol accessories...its is blinding how bright and promising it all is...

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June 11th
When did it happen? I look back and consider.

I woke up this morning with an uneasy feeling, a mourning of the carefree days of college.

Was it the invention of Facebook, myspace, twitter and others that made it acutely aware of all that I am missing. The real connections of the daily grind, the daily chatter, the daily life. When your Facebook update resonates with a pal because they really know and understand the entire back story...because they still know you. Really know you.

Social commentary on 2009's 'friend' notion. Until Facebook, I didn't realize what a friend really was.

June 11th
Girls will be girls and so will boys will be boys and boys will be boys. At least in West Hollywood. The YB found herself at a swanky Hollywood launch of a great new women's empowerment non-profit. Funny how a swanky hollywood event, complete with red carpet, was the launching pad for a seemingly selfless venture. They had free facials, massages, gorgeous men and women and a silent auction. I can rise to any occasion and YogiBarra can too as we found ourselves "practicing" YogiBarra's Tree, I have to Pee and Savasana. My body is paying for it today.

June 4th
SCORE!! Starting my business requires a whole slew of business knowledge and SCORE is helping YB today. Today, I attended a "how to start a business" seminar/workshop and learned a lot of great things and met many compelling and interesting women and men who have great ideas to share. Two of the four speakers, however, were MIA and replacements were, well, unprepared.

I even did a little YB during the workshop today...still worthwhile!

June 2nd
Today YogiBarra met Ms. Jennifer Murphy at an event. Who is Jennifer Murphy? Former Miss Oregon, top 10 runner up of Miss America, former The Apprentice candidate, and owner/founder of Go Girl Worldwide and Women Online Worldwide (WOW). She does so many great things for women...i say, take a lesson.

Jennifer MurphyGO GIRL
Meet Miss Jennifer Murphy

June 1st
Sitting at Birds Rotisserie and Bar in the Hollywood Hills, 5925 Franklin Ave. in Los Angeles, CA. Sitting adjacent to me are four (4) willing and able YB Practitioners. All of which are good looking, drinking a beer, cocktail or other libation. They are ready to get their stress reduction on and we oblige with zeal.

I move into my first (1st)YB position of Downward Facing Bar (DFB), other YB students at the bar follow. Relax into the pose while grasping our cocktails in the right hand and extending the pose with the other. Hold this position for 90 seconds or until someone asks you if you are alright. Drink. Look around. Drink.

Second pose (2nd), Your in My Personal Space AKA Arms Across the Body Stretch. Hold it for 30-45 seconds. Do the for the other arm.

And so it position 3, 4, 5.

May 1st
Face down at the bar in the most popular "Downward Facing Bar", I wonder if I need to stretch deeper or drink more. I have again found peace and quiet in my mind and am ready to share of myself again.


Mira Zoe, my daughter has started to learn Yoga and is adept at the downward facing dog, traditional style and it is only 19 years till she can truly appreciate the YogiBarra method. Although I must say that she had a zen state at only 18 months that we as adults could only dream of...e.g., I was upset about something not getting done (aka Needed to do some YB) and she said, "Mor, sometimes things happen and sometimes they don't." That's all I can say about that.


March 8th
Six months have passed since the miraculous birth of Mira Zoe or as her father calls her BBG MZ.

November 29th
Wow! It has now been almost 11 weeks since the birth of YB's daughter Mira Zoe. She was born on September 9, 2005 at 9 AM. 6 pounds, 10 ounces with ten fingers and ten toes. Just amazing. A 7.5 hour labor and ah, what a love. Here's to the clarity of mind, body and spirits!!

May 12
I sit here in utter amazement when I think of the yogibarra concept and how it has taken its hold in niche areas across the matrix of my many friends. I have been extremely lucky to have so many friends who have supported me and my wacky, yet very timely, idea. This concept has been 4 years in the making...from a beach in belize with my ex to my current situation of almost six months of pregnancy. I can't believe that the sky is actually turning yogibarra and the world will see its full and palpable beauty. Here's to the clarity of mind, body and spirits!!

...and so it begins.
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